Sequencing of the documents in a collection

Scrivener is a fine program

My question is. If I RANDOMLY add multiple documents to a particular collection, can I expect the documents of that particular collection to get reorganized in a sequence, when I see them all by pressing CTRL+A.

If not, what is the way to organize the documents of a collection in a proper sequence (the same sequence as in the binder)? I know it can be done manually …

Not that I know of, but there’s an alternative method of creating a collection which will keep the documents in the same order as the binder. (This may seem complicated, but it’s far easier to do than to describe).

The idea is to use the search tool in the toolbar. What I’m about to describe will work with other features besides keywords, so if you want to use status or label, or a code word in the title of each document, then adjust your options to suit.

Click on the loupe icon within the oval and select the options that will restrict your search to Keywords and Exact Phrase. Then type in the name you’d like to give to this collection; my example name will be “CollectionA”. You’ll end up with an empty search result; that’s okay. Click on the loupe icon again, and click Save Search… at the bottom and save it.

Now select your manually created collection. Select all of the documents (CTRL-A), and then CTRL-SHIFT-O (Project->Show Project Keywords). Create a keyword called “CollectionA” in the keyword window, then drag it onto the selected documents in the collection/binder area.

If you switch back to the saved search, those documents should be there, but in the order they are in the binder. You can now delete that manual collection. When you want to add another document to the saved search, just add the CollectionA keyword to that document (the inspector has a keywords pane for doing that, or you can drag from the keywords floating window to the binder or an index card).

Whether you use keywords or labels, statuses, or other fields to search from depends only on your preferences. Labels let you color icons and index cards, so they’re very visible. Status stamps are also visible in the cork board and outline editor modes. Adding a single word to the title of each document (“ColA:An unexpected party”, for instance) would also be highly visible, so long as that word doesn’t show up naturally in your titles.

Many thanks for the alternative!

I will take your argument further robertdguthrie, if developers are listening. There can be a ‘Collections’ tab in the Inspector. That will demystify and simplify the whole issue. Of course this is my opinionated remark. They can even think of removing ‘Collections’ from the Binder side, and Search will do the job.