Sequential replace

Maybe this already can do it (and if so, how please), but I would love to be able to do the following:

appears 45 times in the document. Replace ## with a sequence of incrementing numbers. (So the first ## becomes 01, the second 02, ect)

Sounds like auto-numbering Placeholder Tags may be just the ticket for you. For example, you could replace each occurrence of ## with <$n>. When you Compile your draft, these placeholders will be replaced by sequential numbers.*

You can make placeholders do many more tricks. For a quick index of the auto-numbering placeholders, see: Help > Placeholder Tags List: Auto-Numbering.

Also, the Manual, of course.


  • As far as I know you, you cannot insist on the number of digits (so, no lead zero), but if two-digits is what you wanted that only leaves you 09 post-compile touch ups.

Thanks! That works well for what I wanted to do.