Serach does not work anymore

The serach does not work anymore. When I enter characters in the search field the search obviously starts, the mouse pointer shows a working process but doesn’t stop working anymore, so there is no result displayed, the egg timer is displayed continously:

I have to close Scrivener with the Task Manager then.

Try this from Appendix F in the manual:

Thank you very much!

Yes, I sometimes had tried “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes” but it had behaved the same like the search had. No end of the process.

Good evening,

I can confirm the problem under Windows 8 / 64.

The computer is restarted every day.

Scrivener 1.9. starts - CPU usage at 2.6%.

If I click into the field “Search” nothing happens for ages, the CPU usage goes back to 0 %.

All other programs run perfectly.

“Save and Rebuild Search indexes” takes up to 2 hours depending on the project, with about 6000 small files and a project size of 27 MB.

The index has to be rebuilt every few days because the search does not work after starting Scrivener 1.9.

If the computer runs for a few days, the search also works without problems.

Interesting is: Scrivener 3.x beta 6 -> The search works after every restart without problems. Apparently the search in Scrivener 3.x has been optimized? Is that so?

Hopefully Scrivener 3.x will be released soon

Is there already information about the earliest month/year in which Scrivener 3.x will be released?

thank you and have a nice evening.

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Ich kann das Problem unter Windows 8 / 64 bestätigen.

Täglich wird der Computer neu gestartet.

Scrivener 1.9. wird gestartet - CPU Auslastung bei 2,6 %.

Klicke ich ins Feld “Suche” passiert Ewigkeiten nichts, die CPU-Auslastung geht auf 0 % zurück.

Alle anderen Programme laufen perfekt.

“Save and Rebuild Search indexes” dauert je nach Projekt bis zu 2 Stunden, bei ca. 6000 kleinen Dateien und einer Projektgröße von 27 MB.

Alle paar Tage muss der Index neu erstellt werden, weil die Suche nach dem Start von Scrivener 1.9 nicht funktioniert.

Läuft der Rechner ein paar Tage durch, so funktioniert auch die Suche ohne Probleme.

Interessant ist: Scrivener 3.x beta 6 -> Die Suche funktioniert nach jedem Neustart ohne Probleme. Scheinbar wurde die Suche in Scrivener 3.x optimiert ? Ist das so?

Hoffentlich erscheint bald Scrivener 3.x

Gibt es bereits eine Information, in welchem Monat / Jahr Scrivener 3.x frühstens erscheinen wird?