Serch for 2 or more labels / statuses?

Can one search for two labels (and / or status) or more at the same time? For example, show all of the documents which have the label “label1” and “label2” (and “label3”)?

I don’t think so, at least not in one step. Or I couldn’t find one, anyway.

The best I could come up with was to create a new Collection manually (LABEL A + B), then search on Label A and add the results to it, then do the same with a search for Label B. This works, but the downside is that the Label A + B collection isn’t ‘smart’ and won’t update when you make changes to the underlying documents.

Many thanks brookter.

Yes, a good idea, but a very big downside, indeed, and when you use 3 or more labels it get more circumstantially.

So may be the best way is to use the common meta tags (do not know whether “Label” and “Status” belong to them). They can be combined “endlessly”…or…no…I am wrong…or am I not…?..yes, I guess so…may be you have to separate the words / tags in the search field in a special way but I cannot find a working one.

And I somehow confuse these meta data / tags / labels / keywords all the time.

Thank you very much again

Hello Fant,
You mentioned keywords. Take a look at Pigfender’s excellent guide to using them, … -keywords/

Actually, I think I might have been wrong about not being able to search for more than one label / status.

I missed the effect of one of the settings in the Project Search menu. If when you click on the magnifying glass, you choose the ‘Any Word’ option and type in ‘Label1 Label2’ – i.e. the label names separated by spaces, it finds documents with either label. This search is saveable to, so it can be a dynamic collection.

Does this do what you want.

Apologies for misleading you before – I’ve learnt something new…

Thank you very much.

Yes, indeed, it appears exactly to do what I want, great.

No, no, of course no reason for apologies. I am very happy it is working.

Many thanks again