Serial name & number won't work

I’ve had Scrivener on trial and was so pleased with it that I bought it a few days ago. My trial is coming to an end, but every time I try to register, so I can use the full version of Scrivener, I keep getting a message that my serial name / number is invalid. I’ve copied and pasted the name/number and typed it out, still to no avail.

Is this a common problem or am I doing something wrong?

If you were using the NaNoWriMo preview, that trial version doesn’t accept the registration of the information. Have you downloaded the most recent version from the main L&L page? (Likewise, if your trial version is pre-2.0, you need to download the latest version as the license information is different and you bought the 2.0 license.)

Otherwise, you can double-check that you don’t have unintentional spaces, including returns, when you enter the name and number–that’s happened occasionally to people and it can be hard to notice since you only see one line of text at a time.

I think that mostly covers everything on this page, but you can check that out too. If none of it works, best bet is to email sales support and they’ll help you out.

By jove, I think you’ve cracked it. Thank you very much for your quick reply. Much appreciated.

Glad to help. Welcome to Scrivener!