Serial Name or Number Invalid Error Message

Hi there!
I’ve been using the trial version of Scrivener and just purchased the license last night, went to register my name and number and keep getting this error message. I copied and pasted it exactly and have checked that there are no empty spaces surrounding the numbers. I sent a message to Sales, but received a message saying it would be a few days before I would get a response and to try asking here.

I did notice that each time the error message came up, the program deleted the last four digits of my serial number. I tried adding them back in 3 or 4 times and each time just brought up the error message.

Has anybody else had this problem? Is there an easy fix or do I just need to wait until Sales get back to me?


Just to follow up and complete this message thread, I received a message saying that it was possible there was an extra line or even the full serial number hidden before what I could see in the entry line.

I opened a new “Enter Serial Name and Number” box and typed in the information exactly as I received it (rather than copying and pasting) and the activation worked.