Serial Number and Collaboration


I need to install Scrivener on another computer on my network. I think I remember the license being for multiple computers on a network. I looked under Scrivener > Register … but only see that I’m registered and not my serial number. Can you tell me where I can find my serial number and confirm that I’m allowed to install Scrivener on a second machine on my network.

Also, I need to collaborate with a colleague on my Scrivener project. Can you point me to any Help links that describe the process/features for collaborating in Scrivener?



Hi Ramone,

If you still have the email sent from eSellerate when you purchased Scrivener, the information you need is all in that. You can also retrieve your number via the instructions here. And if you scroll up a bit there you’ll see a mention of the license agreement and a link to that to ascertain if your usage is within the allowable limits–the relevant section is probably this:

So it seems like you should be fine.

As for collaborating, are you collaborating with another Scrivener user or with someone using a regular word processor? If the latter, your best option is probably to use the new Sync with External Folder feature to share the .rtf document files; with Word or other word processors supporting the comments feature, you can easily annotate work back and forth, and you can have Scrivener take a snapshot of the document before it gets updated to the synced version so it’s easy to do a “compare” and view the changes. Chapter 13 of the manual goes over the syncing options; particularly you’d probably be interested in §13.2. Also this thread might give you some ideas.

If you’re talking about collaborating with someone else using Scrivener, the process will be different; it might mean just sharing a single project back and forth and keeping track of who’s working on it when. A lot will depend on the nature of the collaboration as well. Are you both writing the first draft together, and is the draft split into sections with specific sections assigned to each writer? Are you working in stages, where one person writes the draft, the second person comments and edits and sends it back, etc? Different writing methods will lend themselves better to certain collaborative methods.

Hope that helps!

My college will purchase a computer for my exclusive use. I have Scrivener at home. Can I use Scrivener on the computer the college purchases for me?

Yes, that’s not a problem. The general rule is computers at home plus one work machine provided no one else has access to the account with the serial number registration on it.
All the best,

Thanks for answering the question and now I get a better understanding of the license and the meaning of “generous and respectful solution” mentioned on the License Agreement. I have one more question tho, which is: How many computer(s) that I own (and for my own use only) can install the same licensed copy?

I’m asking this because, while I’m using my Scrivener on both my iMac at home and an old Macbook for writing outdoor, I’m planning to replace the Macbook with a new laptop serval months later. If I do so,

  1. the program that I may probably install to my new machine will be a third-licensed copy. Is this legitimate? 2. And in case if what I’m buying would be a Windows-based machine (hopefully the Windows version of Scrivener is out then), will there be a problem?


There’s no particular limit on how many machines you install Scrivener on provided they are for personal use (although if you tried to install on more than 10 in a three month period it may not work), so you will be fine with your new machine.

That said, you will need to buy a separate licence for the Windows version, because they are entirely separate development efforts so we can’t afford to bundle them into one licence (without doubling the price :slight_smile: ).

Hope that helps,

Hahaa, I can understand and still thanks for your effort on putting such a great writing tool into the Windows environment. I’ll consider whether buying a Windows-based laptop or just simply get myself a new mac. Thanks for the reply Keith.