Serial number and name for beta version?

The beta version I downloaded a couple days ago will not let me on because it needs a serial name and serial number; but since this is a beta version, I do not have one. Looked in my email and junk to see if I had somehow missed recieving this info, but found nothing. Can you please help. I really wanted to get on before the deadline on the 30th to check out the program. I am very excited about using the software.




Thanks for your interest! You should just be able to click the “Try” button in the dialogue that pops up about needing the info; this is just test code now, so there isn’t a serial name or numer yet. Once the official release is out, downloads will have a 30-day trial period after which you will need to purchase a license to keep using the program; at that point you’d get an email with the serial name and number. For now, “Try” will just keep you moving and if you hit 30 days before the beta expires (obviously not with the current beta, but with the next one, for example) you can hit the “Reset” button to keep going.

Thank you so much! It works!