Serial number name?

I purchased Scrivener as part of the MacUpdate bundle. MacUpdate sent me a serial number with which to activate the software. When trying to register, I’m also asked for a “serial number name” which I was not provided. Nothing I put in (including my name) works.

What goes in this field?

Thanks in advance.

Figured it out eventually – had to activate through e-Sellerate. There was a link in the email sent to me, but the link wasn’t on the website version. Convoluted process, but I’m now a happy Scrivener beginner.

Welcome picaman. Scrivener alone was worth the cost of that bundle, and there were some other good apps in it. If you write a lot, I think you’ll find that Scrivener was worth every additional second of registration hassle.

Thank you, picaman. I have had nothing but grief since downloading this MacUpdate bundle; confusion around registering for Scrivener was just the latest hassle! But I followed your lead, found the email link and all is now well!