Serial Number pirated???

I just bought and downloaded Scrivener from the Literature and Latte website. When I typed in my serial number, I got a message that it was invalid. I figured I had typed it wrong, so I tried again. and again. The message I am getting is that the number may be pirated. What the heck? I’ve emailed two different contact email addresses here at Literature and Latte and no one has responded. I haven’t even gotten a confirmation email to say they’ll contact me soon. Feeling frustrated. Any suggestions?

Hi kristysul,

Our apologies; there was a bug in the registration (since fixed, if you re-download and install) that was giving that error message in any case where the serial number wasn’t entered correctly, instead of the usual notice that the serial name and number didn’t match and might have been mistyped. Try copying and pasting your serial number directly from your confirmation e-mail, being sure to avoid any additional whitespace on either side–it’s easy to end up skipping or double-typing a character, or replacing 0s with Os and so on, so copy/paste usually avoids this. Ensure also that you’re matching the capitalisation of the serial number name. If you’re still getting an error message, we can check up with eSellerate (our third-party seller that handles the activation) to see what could be causing the problem and get it sorted out ASAP.