Series of Books in One Project

I want to write a series of books within one project so that I can offer them as either individual downloads or as one complete series download (like one book). So I need to be able to compile each one individually or the whole lot together. What would be the best way to set this up, if it’s possible?

The biggest hurdle to making this work is customizing compile.

First, create one folder for each book in the Draft / Manuscript folder.
Put the contents of each book within their respective folders. You can do this by dragging folders & documents from the binder of one project into the binder of another project.
Customize a compile setting designed for “Novel with Parts”, changing each “Part” to instead include text like “Book I: <title of your book’s folder>” and so-forth.

How you do this depends on which version of Scrivener you’re using (v3 for Windows is still in the works, but will be coming out in a couple of months), but that’s how you set it up in very general terms.