Serious bug: all notes suddenly gone


I like this new little piece of software a lot, but this morning I encountered a serious bug in the Scapple-test-version that completely erased all my notes and left me with a empty scapple-file. I couldn’t undo or step back. I didn’t do anything special, either, was just editing a story-format. So it’s hard to help you with additional information at this point. Please be aware of this and good luck with the software.

Gijs, the Netherlands.


Sorry to ask the obvious, but have you looked in the File > Recent menu to ensure that you are not just looking at a blank document while your real, full document just needs reopening? You get presented with a blank file by default when opening Scapple if all documents were closed last time it was closed. Does it definitely give the name of the .scap file at the top of the document window?

All the best,