SERIOUS BUG (version For a large text document in the binder, the bottom portion of the document is truncated


While working in Scrivener for Windows (version with several large documents in the Draft folder of the binder, using Scrivenings mode causes some bottom portion of the larger text documents to NOT display (i.e., the text is replaced by white space, meaning blank canvass space). Going back to the regular, non-composite (i.e., non-Scrivenings mode), again shows the entirety of the large documents individually.

This is a very serious bug, and makes using Scrivener with large documents highly problematic for me.

ALSO, when a given document has a VERY different ruler (e.g., not so wide and different tabs) than documents above and below it within Scrivenings mode, that ENTIRE document does NOT display (i.e., it just shows as all white space on the canvass), but the documents above and below it do display. This too is a serious bug in Scrivenings mode. I mention this latter bug here because it may be related to the one above, since in both cases, the text that should be displaying in Scrvenings mode instead shows as all white space (just a white canvass with no text).



Interesting… I wonder if this has anything to do with my great chunks of missing text back when I was using the Linux version. A couple of times it also duplicated text on its own, artificially boosting my word count.

I feel your pain. I too have suffered from this bug. You can read my post here - viewtopic.php?f=31&t=34708.

From what I can gather, it seems to be based on the fact that Scrivner for Windows is not a native Windows application but rather a Qt (it’s a C++ platform for porting software programs) port. It does not use native Windows fonts and display settings and therefore suffers from updates to Windows that change such settings.

I gather the developers are looking at changing the Qt underpinnings to a true Windows application but nothing that might give us hope or a timeframe has been officially announced. In the meantime, you either need to use a Mac or suffer.