serious warning about simplenote and dropbox

to all who think simplenote is a way around writing apps with dropbox folder limitations:

I figured I would pay for simplenote premium and sync all my current stuff from scrivener via simplenote to iA Writer. I was very wrong.

all filenames got messed up and no sync ever happens. It cost me the whole evening to correct and save my text.

simplenote dropbox sync i useless with scrivener because of the file naming
they cannot deal with the ] from scrivener. All other dropbox apps can, the premium simplenote is the only app I encountered which cannot, but also the most expensive one.

stay away until they fixed that. I just paid 20 bucks for serving as a beta tester for those unresponsible kids.

So save your money and time!

Which method were you using again? Simplenote sync is not the same as Dropbox—to be perfectly technical about it, Scrivener doesn’t actually do anything with Dropbox at all, it just takes advantage of the fact that Dropbox uses files and folders. Simplenote on the other hand has a specific method of “talking” with it, and does not use files and folders. It’s an entirely different program produced by a different group of people, with its own advantages and disadvantages.

iA Writer itself does not support folder browsing with its Dropbox implementation (and it actually does talk with Dropbox rather than utilise its file and folder system, like Scrivener does). From what I understand, this is something that they are working on fixing, but until then it is of limited use with Scrivener’s Folder Sync tool. If you read their FAQ you’ll see under Folders it just says “No.” :slight_smile: So I don’t know when or if that will ever come.

To my knowledge, iA Writer doesn’t interface with Simplenote at all, so I’m not sure how you even got Simplenote stuff there in the first place. There might be something out there, but to my knowledge the only text editor that uses the Simplenote framework is Simplenote’s own client.

FYI since you were asking: The simplenote folks released yesterday a version that syncs with a custom selectable folder in the dropbox, and I was thinking oh cool finally yeahh, but…
(actually it does not sync at all. when it at erratic intervals does it does not sync signs like æ å etc. ANY other dropbox app does, but seems like they actually work on that dropbox issue on the simplenote side, 1 file actullay just synced as supposed to, wow)

I have sooo many filenames with æ å ★ and whatever så it took me an agonizing while to figure it out but I saw now that the paratheses only are there in these simplenote files , not in folder sync generated files
such signs like / : and those :imp: crazy paratheses :imp: from scrivener might be a dropbox problem , so there is no solution to it.
the culprit really is this terrible filenames from scrivener in Simplenotes
(but I synced those previously via NV and Dropbox that seemed to work but god knows :open_mouth: )

whatever, why do I as enduser get punished like hell, just want to use the tools that are there in combination because each is lacking terribly (e.g. scrivener on mac, writer or writings on ipad, simplnotes on iphone). It is so frustrating, sorry :smiling_imp:

The file names that Scrivener generates for its external folder sync are perfectly valid filenames, so I’m not really sure what you are talking about there.

Syncing between applications is a tricky business no matter what tools you use, so it is always advisable to test out any syncing system before trusting valuable work to it. Scrivener’s folder sync works well - and it can be used with Elements, Notebooks, Simpletext and more. But obviously we cannot guarantee it will work with every application because it depends on the other applications too - we have no control over them. (Scrivener’s Simplenote sync also works well - I haven’t tested it with the new Simplenote Dropbox feature yet because it’s only just come out, but it will only work - as explained in the help materials - if the receiving application supports subfolders in the Dropbox sync.)

Also, Scrivener does not put brackets in file names for external folder sync. The only thing Scrivener does to file names is place an ID number between hyphens at the end of the file number. As for “:” and “/”, OS X does not support file names containing “:”, which will always become “/”.