Serve problem when adding "New Text"

After using Scrivener for 2 years now, i am suddenly experiencing a really weird problem:
Whenever i “Add” a “New Text” in the binder, i do not get an empty page, but it simple steals some other texts/whole pages from somewhere in my binder, which then shows up as the “New Text”. Even though the New Text is called “Untitled” it is not empty but gets this data from somewhere.
The effect is that whenever I great a new text, the stolen text (which shows up in the new “Untitled”) seems to disappear from its original position, i.e. it is messing up my whole manuscript…

I just updated Scrivener to 2.7 and also tried to use an older backup of my files - but the problem is still there. So at the moment i don‘t dare to work on my manuscript anymore, being afraid that it gets totally messed up by the software. :frowning:

Can anyone help?
Thank you!

This sounds like synchronisation confusion to me, the sort of thing that can happen if a project is edited in multiple forks independently, and then a system like Dropbox comes along and marks independent files inside of the project as conflicted with others (this will nearly always confuse Scrivener in varying degrees depending on the amount and type of divergence between forks). I’d suggest going through the section on fixing problems, in the sync practices article. It’s relatively straight-forward and very rarely is anything actually lost or truly damaged—just as I put it, confused.

You are right!
I don‘t know what causes the problem but i recently synced some data with Dropbox. After i checking multiple backups of my manuskript, i realized that the problem began with the version of my document that i firstly synced with dropbox. To be on the save side, i am now working with a copy before i began syncing stuff.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: