Server not found loop

Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but no other App. nor the finder affected.

  • Scrivener on Mojave laptop on Network A
    -Another Mac was once used as an Export to… of a project, formally on Network A, now signed intoNetwork B.
    Scrivener reports a ‘server XXX can not be found etc… OK?’
    Scrivener then locks into that loop with error dialog popping up endlessly.
    Force quit say Scrivener is fine.
    All menu selections or actions result in a Beachball, then the dialogue.
    So Scrivener essentially can not be ‘quit’ except through a Force Quit.
    Turned out that changing the other Mac’s network back to A solved the problem, but that should not have been necessary. Switching the 2nd Mac back to Network B, restarts the issue.
  • There is no reference to that Mac’s AFP address in Scrivener’s Preferences.
    Hope this is helpful.


Are there any resources in the project that point to the old network? Something like a research file alias, for instance?