Service menu

i find the service menu really useful
and as well as add text etc
could we have an ‘add selected document’
or a drop box like in Journler

thanks crr

I’m not sure what you mean by add selected document - do you mean from the Finder? In that case, you may as well just drag and drop, surely?

As for drop boxes, I hate 'em. :exclamation:

All the best,

I think he/she is referring to the Services menu, like my earlier Wish here. If so, you already said no.

But a rethink is always possible. :laughing:

Hope springs… and all that.

(If I read the original request wrong, my apologies.)

I didn’t exactly say “No”, I just said that it was asking too much of the Services menu. Which is a completely different way of saying “no”. :slight_smile: