Services clipping to Scrivener's Scratchpad

I would like to see in a future version… Services clipping to the Scratchpad with the choice of formatted or unformatted as exists with the existing two Services options.
The existing two are great but only if you want the clipping in the current Project file.
There are often times I would like to place a clipping - either formatted or unformatted - into Scrivener and then decide later where to file it. I can use the Scratchpad for this now but it involves unnecessary cutting & pasting. Services would be fast & efficient.

The scratch pad and Services are intended as different ways of doing the same things, really. Services clippings to the scratch pad would be overkill. It would save you one or two key-strokes at most. So, sorry, definitely no plans for this.
Thanks for the suggestion though.
All the best,