Services clipping to the Scratchpad?

Is it possible to set up Services so that it sends a clipping to the Scratchpad?
If not, it would be a great addition because there are times when I find something that is of interest I’d like to remember but it doesn’t relate to a specific project or I might want to file it later.

Not really, because the main function of the scratch pad is that you can call it up anywhere on your system. With the default settings Shift-Cmd-Return will open the Scratch Pad even if you are in other programs, so you can just copy stuff right into it no matter where you are. Having a clipping would be kind of redundant.

If you just want to store random – or not-yet-specified – items, why not use one of the simple collection apps. I use Slip Box, just about as you describe


Thanks, PJS: I do use other apps to collect clippings via their Services plugins… OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, DevonThink, etc… to collect info & jot down ideas about that info as I come across it… but I want to use the collected data in different apps according to the type of info or it’s end use.

Thanks, Ioa: the difference is that a Services plugin would eliminate the cutting & pasting part of it… call me lazy or anally efficient, but I have the attention span of a gnat & if I find something of interest while engaged in another equally important activity, then I want to be able to capture it in the right place where I can come back to it later and get back to my current activity with the minimum of fuss.

Don’t mean to sound like a smartass, but why, if you have

do you need to triple-up or quadruple-up with Scrivener?


Thanks for you question PJS. As I mentioned in my previous post, I use the collected data in different apps according to the type of info or it’s end use. There is no tripling or quadrupling up… and there are other issues… eg: I don’t want too much data sent to OmniFocus because it uses one singe-user database and I don’t want it syncing lots of stuff to the OF versions on my iPad or iPhone.
Everyone works in different ways. Services clipping to Scrivener’s Scratchpad would be a boon to the way I work because I wouldn’t have to think about which Scrivener’s document I would have to store the clipping in until later, it would avoid unnecessary cutting & pasting and it would give me the option of formatted or unformatted data.

On that latter note, you can paste without formatting by using the Paste and Match Style shortcut.