Services not available with PDFs?

In Scrivener 2 I was able to select a word in a PDF, press a keyboard shortcut assigned in the Services menu, and do useful things such as look the word up in the Dictionary app, search Google, and so on. But in Scrivener 3 this no longer seems possible. If I select a word in a PDF and open the Services menu, it tells me that there are no Services available. Is there any way to restore this functionality? (I am using the latest version of Scrivener with Sierra, and the problem occurs only with PDFs.)

Is this perhaps something that changed more with the macOS upgrade than Scrivener? On 10.12 here, and in Scrivener 2.9 I get nothing on right-click at all, and the Services menu itself is empty. In v3 I get some useful commands on right-click, but the Services menu remains empty. I tested a few other programs that use the same PDF viewer and found nothing useful there either.

I had suspected that it may be more to do with the operating system than with Scrivener per se, so thanks for confirming that.

having the same sort of problem… with me it is using Scrivener 2 and not 3. Can find these shortcuts in keyboard shortcuts and click the box for them… Your problem maybe there.