Services shortcuts in Scrivener

I have installed WordWeb Pro dictionary and enabled the macOS service it provides to look up a highlighted word. I have also given that service a shortcut Ctrl-CMD-Alt-D.

In Safari, if I highlight a word and press the shortcut, WordWeb is opened and I see the definition.

In Scrivener, when I press the shortcut, nothing happens. However, the WordWeb service does work from the services menu.

Interestingly, in Safari, the shortcut for this service shows in the services menu. In Scrivener it does not. After creating the shortcut in the services preferences window, I did restart Scrivener and also restarted the machine.

I am running Scrivener 3.03 and macOS 10.13.5

I believe that’s because it conflicts with an existing Scrivener shortcut…

Navigate > Move Focus To > Right Copyholder


Unless you have a right copyholder open, you won’t see any significant change in Scrivener, although the “Navigate” text on the menu bar might highlight in certain layouts to show it has been selected.

JoRo again has the answer. You will therefore need to override the copyholder shortcut with something else via System Preferences. As this is contextual, though, you will need to override “Right Copyholder”, “Left Copyholder”, “Top Copyholder”, “Bottom Copyholder” and simply Copyholder" since the menu item can use any of these depending on the state.

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I thought it might be a duplicate, but couldn’t find it. Thanks for pointing it out.

So, maybe a bit off topic here, but how do I go about finding what shortcuts are used so I can assign a new one useful for me?

I found the exhaustive descriptions in the manual of all menu items and shortcuts, but it isn’t very searchable. I use Cheatsheet, but in this case, my shortcut doesn’t show up because the shortcut is inactive since I don’t have a copyholder open.

Any suggestions? A magic utility that allowed me to use a shortcut in any app, and instead of executing the shortcut, just told me what would happen would be great. Of course, it needs to be really magic and find shortcuts that are not currently available because of context, like the above-mentioned copyholder shortcut.

Also useful would be an exhaustive list of Scrivener shortcuts listed alphabetically by final character. I thought I had seen such a thing once, but have been unsuccessful in finding it again.

I produced a list for Scrivener 2 in 2015, but I haven’t updated it for Scrivener 3. However, I attach it, just in case you might find it a useful starting point.



Mac Scriv keys by cipher.pdf (49.1 KB)


This is perfect, thank you for posting again.

Curious, did you create this manually? or generate a list with some magic script?

Do you know, I can’t really remember. I know I used a spreadsheet to do the final sorting. I think I might have copied the list in the help system or one provided somewhere else, then split it up manually so I could sort by the final glyph. Looking at it quickly before posting it for you, I think I may have missed 1 or 2.

Anyway, glad it seems to help.