Session count not resetting at midnight

What shall I do if my session count is not resetting at midnight, as instructed? It seems only to want to be reset manually. Please advise!

In Windows, the “current session” is defined as “the period between the project being opened and closed again”. Section 20.2.1 Project Targets in the Manual.

Nothing to do with the date changing at midnight.

Is there something in the Mac manual that’s leading you to believe it works differently on the Mac?

Yes, there are 4 options (21.3.1) :

• Reset session count at midnight
• Reset session count on project close
• Reset session count on next day project opened
• Never automatically reset session counts

Indeed. I should note that, upon further review, the target does occasionally reset at midnight, but only sometimes.

Sorry - I should have made it clearer I was replying to JimRac.

Oh, no worries. I got it :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, I have Windows version and should have checked the Mac manual before commenting.

OP, as this seems like a bug, I recommend you contact L&L support directly via email.