Session count notification AND specific word count notification.

I know you hear this all the time, but I can’t imagine writing without Scrivener. The program itself is awesome. However, another reason I stay with it is you. I don’t know you, but through your posts, through your employees’ service, and your business model you demonstrate with authenticity your desire to help writers write. Thank you for that.

My wishlist item. My first wishlist item is to understand fully and to be able to utilize all the fantastic features in Scrivener, but that will never happen so I’ll move on to my second wishlist item.

Regarding session targets. I love the way it announces when I’ve hit the session target although I wish the notification would be persistent as it disappears too fast, and sometimes I miss it - that however it more likely a problem on my end and I digress. I’ve never have been a word count kind of person, but surprisingly, I’ve found this very motivational. For me, it would be helpful (and really cool!) if there was an additional notification feature that notified me of not only my session count but also a specified notification count. Here is an example:

Session count is 500 - shows notification as it does today
Additional notification count: every 250 words
Possible options - 1) on all the time (would show notification in the first 250 words even though session count has yet to be achieved, and every 250 words after that (in addition to the 500-word session achieved notification).
2) on only after the session count is achieved (so does not show the first 250 words (in my 500 session count example) but would show at 750 words after the 500 words session count achieved notification, and every 250 words after that.

This additional notification would continue to provide motivation even after the session goal was achieved, or to meet your session count (if that option is chosen). I use a very low session goal under the philosophy of once I get started, I’ll probably do more, so these additional notifications would be fab.

Hope that makes sense. Truly appreciate all you do.


The reason the notification goes away, I suspect, is that you have them set to Banner instead of Alert. See: Preferences/Notifications/Scrivener.

Everything else you suggested sounds good, too.

I also set low goal targets for the reasons you give. Was it Stephen King who said: If you write 300 words every week day for a year, you have a novel? (300 x 52 x 5 = 78,000)

Auxbuss – of course! Thanks for the tip. I had forgotten that was an option you could set for each application. Thanks for the reminder - it worked.

Thank you,


Yaa thank you so much for the solution…Was really helpful…Thank you