Session/Draft Target Notification

Could someone please tell me if there is something I need to do so that I can be notified more directly when I’ve reached my session target or my draft target?

I love the Target feature, but having to manually check to see how close I am to reaching my session or document goal by clicking my word count doesn’t feel as good to me as knowing that I’ll be given some sort of feedback when I’ve achieved my target for the day.

Also, I’m incredibly happy with this application. This is the first writing application that has given me any reason to consider leaving my text-only workflow in years.

I don’t think there is something you can do to get more notified. Some visual hinting for session/draft target nearness/completion. Sounds like you might want to head over to the Wish List subforum and put that suggestion in.

Thank you for your response, gr. It’s good to know I’m not missing something here, even if it is something that would be nice to have.