Session Target Allow negatives randomly turns off

Hello all.

I normally have the Session Target option “Allow negatives” turned on. However, from time to time, I will notice that it’s turned off. I have not been able to track down any particular actions or circumstances that causes it to turn off. That means, of course, if I delete some text and then start typing replacement text, my session word count starts with what I typed, ignoring that I deleted text first. If I had typed the new text and then deleted the old, the word count would be correct. Even if you turn on “Allow negatives” after the fact, it still doesn’t show what it would have had the option been (correctly) turned on from the beginning of the session.

This can be slightly confusing (and somewhat annoying).

So I guess, that’s a bug report (the checkbox turning off randomly; I know there are reasons for the behavior when it’s turned off, even if I don’t agree with those reasons).

However, a feature request goes with that. When you select the “Allow negatives” option, would it be possible to change the session word count to reflect the count as if it had been on from the beginning of the session? The Word History window shows the correct word count, so that information is already there.