Session Target - Beta 26 - Moving files to Trash

This might be related to [LH4030] and I don’t really know how to explain this because I can’t figure out a common thread when testing this, but here goes :slight_smile:

First noticed it when I split a file and then moved the just-split file to Trash. The Session Target lowered, but not by the amount of words in the moved file. The file I moved was over 100 words, but the Session Target reduced by something like 60. When I returned the file to the manuscript folder, the Session Target returned to the actual wordage.

So I tried to figure out when this happens. Here are some tests that just leave me confused:

  • The Session Target did NOT change when I moved other files to Trash (normal files that were created in previous sessions and weren’t cut from another file).
  • Created a new file. Added 200 words to it, then moved it to Trash. Session Target reduced by 200 (as expected).
  • Split that new file in half. Moved 100 words into Trash and Session Target reduced by 100 (as expected).
  • Moved a different file to Trash that was cut from a file. It was 127 words and the Session Target ADDED 39 words. What the what?! Moved it back to Manuscript and Session Target returned to expected word count.
  • Moved a different file that was cut from a file. The Session Target was at 700. Moved the 549 word file to Trash. Session Target changed to 161 (except 700 - 549 = 151).

So that’s why I couldn’t figure out the common factor.

Session target count has extra options to include only documents in compile group, in the Draft folder etc. Most likely moving an item to the Trash will reflect the session target count depending on the previous location and the include in the current compile group options of the document being moved.