session target calculation doesn't work

When I let Scrivener calculate my session target from an overall target and a work calendar,the calculation doesn’t work because the calendar doesn’t work. Today is April 4th, and I set my project deadline as April 30. I have 19,000 words written, and I set a target of 50,000 words. I set the days of the week to work Monday through Friday, weekends off. When I show session targets, though, the session bar shows only 1 day left to work, and shows today’s session target as 31,000 words. By hand calculation, there are actually 19 working days (including today and the deadline day) until the end of my deadline, and the session target for today should be about 1632 words. Why does this calculation not work in Scrivener?

I cannot confirm this result with the described settings:

I’d double-check them to see if anything that might be relevant looks different from my settings above.

Yes…for some reason the deadline showed as April 30, 2011 rather than 2018. In correcting this I ran across another oddness: the date would not accept “2018” as the year directly. It would only accept two digits (“18” rather than “2018”). But when I ran the date up using the up arrow I managed to get it to the correct year, and then the calculation works.


Some Macs do seem to have that problem. I have no idea how to get to it though. I’ve only ever been able to type in four digits. I suspect it is some combination of region/language settings. That date input control is just a stock Mac input.