Session Target 'cheat'

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a by-product of intended behaviour, but I’ve noticed that if you have deselected ‘Allow negatives’ in the session count options (so that word count does not drop below 0 when you delete more than you write) and then move text by cutting and pasting, it will increase your session word count by the amount you pasted, even though you are actually word count neutral. Obviously this only happens when your cutting takes your word count down to zero or below.

If you tick the ‘Allow negatives’ button then word count will drop to whatever the cut amount is and then be restored when you paste, which is what you expect.

Yes, this is intended behaviour, since you aren’t allowing Scrivener to count cuts to the text in this case, and Scrivener cannot tell between pastes and regular text insertions.
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