Session target count differs from draft target count?

Is there a way to make the word count for the session draw its data in the same way as the word count for the draft? I want them both to count documents in the Draft Folder only, not the Research Folder. Today I have been working on a new project. I have the same problem as usual.

In the Project Targets window:
Draft target: 1,275 of 10,000 words
Session target: 1,328 of 1,000 words

The difference of 53 is because the session is including the 53 words in a notes document in the Research folder whereas the draft target is only counting documents in the Draft folder, which is what I want.

I have wondered about this for months… maybe I just need to tweak a setting that I’ve overlooked? Help would be v welcome!


There is no way to currently do that. The session target is meant to merely count the total surplus of all words (or characters) typed in during the session (subtracting for deletions if necessary). This whole counter palette will be much improved in the next version, including the improvements you are wanting and some other options as well. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks Amber for swift reply.