Session target count doesn't register changes in some documents


I have a strange problem with session target.

It seems to count only words in documents where I’ve specifically set the compile flag, even though the setting under project target options ‘count documents included in compile only’ is not ticked AND File - compile is set to ‘compile: all’.

The overall project target updates its word counts even when I type into a document that does not have its compile flag explicitly set.

If I set the compile flag for the document it’s ignoring, it counts the words in that document for the session target, too, but I don’t quite understand why I would have to do that with the settings mentioned above?

Now that I’ve understood what’s happening I can work around it, obviously (initially I thought session count was completely broken suddenly), but I’d still prefer not to always have to set compile flags in order for Scrivener to update my session count.

Any ideas? I’m on a Macbook Air with Scrivener 2.8.