Session target not sticking to compile folder as set


I followed the advice in this: thread in order to set my target to my compile folder, so that my word count only went up when I added words to my actual manuscript and not, for example when I pasted a set of notes into somewhere new. This worked very well for the book target (and its really cool scriviner can account for this!) but unfortuantly my session target has not followed suit. It is still affected if I add stuff to different folders. Unfortunaly this is the count I really care about as its my daily word count that I keep track of really :slight_smile:. Any advice? In my options I have “Count text written anywhere in this project” unticked, btw, so its not that.

Thanks in advance !

Are you sure that the words are not being added to the Manuscript folder or one of its subfolders? In a complicated Binder, it can be hard to tell what nests under what. A quick check is to collapse the Manuscript folder and make sure the folders you’re adding to are still visible. (i.e. haven’t collapsed)

Also, what version of Scrivener do you have?


Yes, I am definatly not adding to a document within the compile/manuscript folder. I was on 3.1.1 but will update now and come back if that fixes it. Thank you for your attention!

Edit: have updated and issue persists