Session Target on bottom tray

Is there any way I can stick the session target figures at the bottom tray just like word and character counts? It beats having to open the project target window every time and keep it on top of my document notes.

Not at the moment. It would be nice to use a tray icon eventually. One thing that would be cool is having it always running with the Scratch Pad so if you spot something you want to save you can do that without even having a project open. But we have to look into supporting that and it’s rather low on the list at the moment.

Thanks for the reply AmberV

Ive added the project target icon on my main toolbar so one click instead of two to get the window to open, but it still goes center and I have to move it to the side. repetitions’ tiring hence the convenience if it shows on bottom tray.

Yeah, making it so that thing remember where you left it when you closed it is already on the list of things to fix. It should just stick where you put it (for each project) even if you reboot and come back later.