Session Target problem

I’ve only just discovered the session target box, and it’s wonderful…except for the fact that my count always begins with -272 [of blank words]. No matter what chapter I’m working on, or beginning a new one, the reset always returns to -272. Any way to fix this?

Can’t help to fix this, but in hopes of helping to narrow down the problem – which version of Windows are you running?

I ask because my SO and I both use Scrivener, and she’s also mentioned starting it up to find a random word count already in the session target (anything from -3000 to +8000), where I’ve never seen anything like this at all. The only notable difference between our two setups (same license, same version, share the same same network, both use Dropbox, etc…) is that she’s using Windows 8 and I’m on Win 10. Everything else, so far as I can tell, is practically identical.

I’ve got 8.1. And I don’t know if it is supposed to zero out at any point, or whether one must manually reset it for each session.