Session target progress bar

To what extent this is possible, I have no idea, but I would love if the discrete progress bar that shows up for specific document targets would also show up for session targets. I love love love being able to keep an eye on my progress without obsessively checking the specific numbers (visually I find keeping the project targets window open distracting), but for the way I write, session targets are much more useful than document targets.

(On a far more superficial note, I love the way that Ulysses handles the progress meter visually, with a circle that gets filled in rather than a bar. I would be thrilled if Scrivener implemented something similar.)

Thank you so much!


In our next major update, it will be possible to see the session target progress bar (and/or the draft progress bar) in the main window, and not just in a floating panel, which is what I assume you are after. We won’t be implementing anything like the Ulysses circular progress bar, however. Although I agree it is visually striking, I don’t actually like that approach to progress bars, as it takes up a lot of unnecessary space and is very in-your-face. So the progress bars will remain rather subtle, but easy to see.

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Fantastic, thank you so much!

Ah, nice to hear that. Useful!

Much, much later it occurs to me that I wasn’t clear with what I meant about how Ulysses handles the progress bar. I’m not interested in this giant beast:

But I really love this tiny one, which lets me keep an eye on my progress without being distracting:

For Scrivener, the way I had envisioned it was, instead of having the progress bar right next to the Targets button, have the Targets button double as a progress bar.

Thanks again for your prompt response, Keith! I am incredibly excited for Scrivener 3.0.

Ah, okay, well don’t worry - the progress bar I’ve implemented is fairly subtle. Think of the loading progress bar you get underneath the address bar in Safari…

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Can’t wait…!