Session Target progress preserved after quitting scrivener?

At some point this month, I was taking a short break after writing about 1700 words out of the 3000 I’d set as my “session” target, which really is my target for the day. I decided to quit Scrivener for a while so I wouldn’t accidentally type a url or something into it by accident while I was goofing off.

When I relaunched Scrivener, my progress for my session target was back to zero.

Is it possible that the next version will preserve progress until I hit reset, even if the app is exited and relaunched? This would be especially welcome if I start keeping other kinds of projects in Scrivener, and decide to switch to that other project for a while before continuing toward my daily goal on my main project.



The session target is really just that - the target for the current session of using Scrivener. For most users, having to hit reset all the time would be more of an inconvenience; I think it’s better for the session target to reset automatically otherwise its purpose could become a little unclear.

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I’m wishing on a star that a future version will include a daily target in addition to the session and manuscript ones, as it seems to me that it’s fairly common for writers to have a daily word count target.

That’s the whole point of the session target, really. There are no plans for a daily target on top of a session target, that would be overkill.

KB, I seem to be pushing my luck these days as I am going to ask you to think about this one again. I don’t get long sessions anymore these days. 20 minutes here, 5 minutes there, and because of the age of my machine and the other purposes it serves, I need to quit scriv to free mem. Not because scriv is a pig, but because the second and third virtual machines are pigs (I only have 2 GB and am maxed)(and yes, 30MB can be critical when you are running multiple virtual machines).

I personally would trade session for daily where daily is 00:00 to 11:59. I doubt you can make it a selectable preference and I am sure that one of the problems here is persisting the count across sessions.

Anyway, I will go back to my hovel and get a stick to throw for vic-k.

I think it comes down to what people consider a “session” to be. From the technical application side of things, a session is however long the application is open, but from the viewpoint of a writer, a session has nothing at all to do with the state of the software.

I agree with you on session. I think the option in question is being able to do session OR daily. I understand KB rejecting the request for daily as I see several technical issues that he would need to address. But is would be nice for those who do a number of small sessions per day.

I’ve been thinking about this too.
Long before I used Scrivener, I took in the habit of writing down the result of each work session in a spreadsheet, to check on my progression and consistency.
Daily session instead of software session does make sense to me, even if it sure means entering a world of pain on the developer’s side. So is it worth it ?

As a replacement, and as useful (to me at least) would be a “session targets history”, a log of session targets.

Just throwing ideas out.


Quick Fix #1: At start of writing day, in Project Targets, enter a target for the draft total that is equal to the current Draft total plus your word goal for the day. Voila! You have a persistent way to track how you are doing on your daily goal.

Quick Fix #2: You could just Hide the app during these times and achieve your purpose – no accidental typing into your project and session target remains.


P.S. Also, computing daily word counts from daily readings of the Draft total in Project Targets is simplicity itself. Spreadsheet or paper will do it. In the interest of full disclosure, being that sort of person, I have a small app for this purpose – because my sweetheart does like daily counts – its results also paste into a custom spreadsheet which makes cool graphs. Ooo, graphs.

Yes, but this is not persistent. The target resets when you quit Scrivener. That is the issue.

Yes, but some of us don’t like leaving or can’t leave our computers on all day.

Of course it’s simplicity itself, but if that was really the issue, there would be no point in having a word count target function at all.