Session target small problem.

There is something that is getting in the way of my enjoying the daily session target feature.

If something is copy-and-pasted into a document and then the copy-and-paste is undone (command-z), then it leaves the session count inflated.

When I add text directly, then erase it, it works well, with my session target matching the net number of words I’ve added that day.

So, more reductively, when I directly type a word, it adds a word toward the session target. When I erase a word, it removes a word from the session target. And when I paste in a word, it adds a word toward the session target.

But if I undo that paste, it doesn’t remove a word from the session target.

Minor annoyance, but it’s happened often enough I thought I’d document it. It means if I paste the wrong thing in, then the daily session count becomes unknowable. :neutral_face:

Hmm, that doesn’t sound right, and I can’t reproduce it. If I paste in something, the session count increases, but if I hit cmd-z, then the session count decreases again. (There is no difference between pasting in text and typing text - Scrivener has no idea where the text comes from.) Could you please provide reproduction steps for this?

Aghh, embarrassing.

I think I accidentally moved to a different text in the binder, and then pressed ctrl-z while having my eyes glued to the target window. When it didn’t go down (because I hadn’t actually undone anything) I went off on the wrong trail.

I should have tried harder to replicate it before bothering anybody. I am sorry. It does work in a logical and workable way. This is the problem with smaller problems sometimes. If I had considered it a big one, I would have spent more time analyzing it before speaking. Sorry again.

No need to apologise! I’m glad it all seems to be working okay - let me know if you do encounter any problems, though.
Thanks and all the best,