Session Target Time Reset Not Working

Hey Win Team,

I have my session target goal set to reset at midnight. When I opened up my project for the first time today, it still had the word count from yesterday, Reset on close seems to work correctly.

Just chiming in that I’ve run into this issue as well. I had to manually reset my session target this morning. At least for me, the behavior has been inconsistent. Some days it resets as expected and other days it does not.

Ran into this issue too. Shut my computer down before midnight yesterday, reopened Scrivener this morning and my word count from yesterday’s writing session was still showing.

This is an ongoing issue that I assume is late on the list of things to sort out, It’s been like this for many beta versions.

Also, if you you don’t have allow negatives ticked, and you cut more text than you have written for the day and paste it, your word count will reflect the number of words in the pasted text. Cutting more than you’ve written without allowing for negatives resets the word count to zero and then the pasted text becomes your new word count. So tick that box whether you want to allow negatives or not.