Session Target weirdness

I have Session Target set to count words in the current compile only and to allow negatives.

I decided I needed to rearrange my opening chapter (6000 words) and basically split it in two. I duplicated the chapter, creating 1A and 1B. I then removed all of the B material from 1A and all of the A material from 1B.

Scrivener is now telling me I’m at -5638 words for the day.

Is this a bug? Do I have something set wrong? I’m a little weirded out by the number being so extreme (especially when the word count hasn’t basically changed).

I don’t use targets, but my understanding would be that the counter works within the editor, not the binder, so changes on the binder don’t affect the session target:

a) when you duplicated the opening chapter, as far as the word counting was concerned you hadn’t added any words in that you hadn’t typed anything on the keyboard, only made a modification at binder level;

b) when you deleted half the words in A and half the words in B, you were removing words from the two documents, and the counter takes notes of deletions—if you type 100 words and then delete 50, I believe the counter will only show 50—so the deletions registered are equal to the total words.

My question would be, “Why didn’t you simple use Document—>Split or Split with Title?” rather than duplicating and deleting?


Mr X

Because A and B were interleaved, not a simple split at one point!

Thanks for the explanation.

One of the features of Scrivener is that you can break your project text down into document chunks as small as is useful—I have projects where some documents have only 1 or 2 words—which you can then move around in the binder. So in the case you mention, you can split at all the boundaries of A and B, move the documents to where you want them, and then use document merge if you really feel happier that way.

But among Scrivener’s strengths is that it doesn’t really impose it’s will on you and often provides multiple possible ways of achieving one’s goal.

Mr X