Session Target Word Count

I love using the Session Target feature, and I’m really glad it’s in the iOS version. I was. On a trip recently, working on the novel, and when I reached the target word count, I stop working. Starting the next day, I reset the session count and get back to work. Yay. All that is good. Or was good, until I returned home and opened up Scrivener on my Mac. Target achieved! Without writing a single word!

I have bigScrivener set to reset Session Count on close, so there are two ways to fix this problem. I can always remember to reset the iOS session count when I reach my target, or I can open up bigScrivener, then quit and open it back up again to rest the word counts. There may be another easy way to fix this, like a manual session reset in bigScrivener, or an option for re-setting session on open, but I haven’t looked for those yet.


I can confirm that this is a bug that is reproducible and relates to the syncing between the iOS and Mac versions of Scrivener (I can’t speak to the Windows version, which I don’t use) via Dropbox. I’ll spell out a few more details of the bug, which also involves the Target Date on Scrivener projects.

– I have a project originally created and primarily edited in the latest Mac version of Scrivener. Within this project, the Project Targets window (Shift-Command-T) is used to set (a) the overall Drafts target, for the length of the whole work; (b) a session target [in my case, of 2,000 words per day]; and © a composition Deadline.

– When the document is edited / used in the Mac version, the progress and updates of these settings works wholly as expected: the Project Target slider and count advances/reduces with all edits; the Session Target tracks daily editing within the assigned parameters; and the Deadline counts down each day towards the set date.

– When syncing with the iOS version via the inbuilt sync feature in the app [in this case, on the iPhone], the INITIAL editing of the Project in the app includes accurate Targets data on the pie-table display [which I very much like], accurate as of the numbers in the last sync. However, once editing/composition/etc in the iOS version is complete and the document is synced again and then opened on the Mac version, TWO ISSUES arise:

  1. The Deadline setting has been reset to the current date, so that it displays today’s date as the completion deadline and therefore indicates ‘Days Left: 0’. This has to be manually reset in the Mac version; but each sync with the iOS app resets it to zero.

  2. Odd / unpredictable behaviour affects the Session Target field. It will often show session progress of however many words were added/removed while editing in the iOS app, EVEN IF the project is opened on the Mac version several days after the project was edited in iOS. This relates to the original poster’s issue: sometimes I will open the project after several days of no opening or editing, and find that I have, immediately, session progress of, e.g. 1,890 words — which turns out to be the session progress of the last time I edited the project on the iOS version, several days before. In other words, somewhere in the sync between the iOS and Mac versions, the timeframe of the Session Target data isn’t being conveyed, and so an expired session [i.e. editing from previous days] doesn’t register.

I hope this information is useful in remedying this bug — which is the most frustrating quirk in the synchronisation between the iOS and Mac editions that I’ve found. In all, the sync process is working extremely well, and I am finding myself making extensive use of the iOS version in my writing already.

Cheers, T.

An addendum / correction to my above details on this bug:

When syncing via Dropbox for usage between the iOS and Mac versions, as described above, the resetting of the Deadline date isn’t in fact to ‘today’s date’, as I previously wrote. I note today that, for example, the Deadline date on my project has been reset to 4 August (so Days Remaining = 0), even though I had previously manually set the date in the project (via the Mac version) as 30 September 2016. Today is the 12th, so it isn’t resetting to today’s date; and the last time I edited the file in the iOS app was yesterday, so it isn’t resetting it to the last time it was opened in the iOS app — so I’m not sure precisely what is ‘triggering’ the actual date that gets reset into the setting.

But it is always in the past, resulting in the Days Left setting being 0.

I’ll keep my eyes open for a pattern and report any further details here.