Session target "Writing Days" greyed out

I’m unable to select my “writing days” under session target options. They are all greyed out, regardless of what other options I choose. Am I missing something?

**Forgive me if this is mentioned somewhere but I have searched and searched and can’t find anything on this in the forum. The Advanced Search doesn’t seem to have an option for exact match for a phrase. If I search “writing days” it pulls up every post that has the words “writing” and “day” in it but not necessarily the phrase, so that means thousands of posts to go through…

Thanks much. I’m very impressed with this program overall!

The Writing Days selection is only active if you have asked Scrivener to calculate targets for you based on your deadline.


Thank you!


I actually have the same problem, except that my ‘automatically calculate from draft deadline’ and the days are greyed out. I have a deadline in but something isn’t working.

I would love any help with this!


Have you also chosen Words or Characters in the main Targets panel?

The Manual: