Session Targets are not resetting at set time each day.

I started a new project and the set the reset time to 12am. it is not resetting daily and just increases each day with the new total word count.

I changed the reset time to 2am and still it does not reset daily.

I am changing to On Next Day Opened to see if that works since Set Time is not working.

I’ve had a couple of similar reports but have so far been unable to reproduce this. Does this happen in all projects or just one?

FWIW, I also have this with one of my projects (only one, works fine in others).

It does seem to reset sometimes, though. Today’s session target is displayed as 222 words, but according to the project statistics, that’s what I’ve written yesterday (sounds about right).

Changing setting to next day open works.

Not sure if this helps, but it has happened to me again - the count was not reset. Or not properly. See screenshot.

So yesterday, I wrote 170 words in Scrivener 3 on my MacBook. It was synched to Dropbox. Today, I wrote the ~112 words on my iPad, again synching to Dropbox. Just now, I made a small change to that text on the MacBook and only then checked the target count. Lo and behold, it seems to display yesterday’s word count (minus one word, which probably was the result of the change I just made).

The target count does reset properly (on Midnight) for this project on most days, though. So maybe switching back and forth between platforms has something to do with it?

It happened again: Wrote 300 words in Scrivener on the MacBook yesterday, 457 words on the iPad this morning. Word count is supposed to reset at midnight. Yet switching back to the MacBook just now, it initially still showed the 300 word count from yesterday, And now, after making one small change, that count has gone down to 299.

I’m not sure if that’s what the original poster experienced, but I’d say that surely is a bug.

I’m experiencing the same thing, but consistently every day. Meaning that my daily session target does not get reset ever when it should reset at midnight. It only happens when I don’t set a deadline. When I have a deadline set, it resets as expected.

HAS THIS EVER GOTTEN FIXED?? Is Scrivener even looking into it? I have the exact same problem. Whether I choose midnight or next day when I open it NEVER resets. This problem has been going on for over 11 years based on Google searches. Can it please be made into a priority? Trying to remember to manually reset each day is not optimal by a long shot because I usually forget. Come on Scrivener, it can’t be that hard that after 11 years of knowing about this you still can’t figure out a solution. :cry:
Thank you.