Session Targets

Okay, I’ll admit I’m a newb :slight_smile: Where is this option button that lets you change the target settings? I’ve checked the manual and all of my menus, and I’m not seeing it. Anybody help?

Plus, my problem is that the session target resets with words already put back on the counter. I’m hoping this workaround solves this problem as well. For instance, I reach 1112 of 1000, click reset, and the counter resets to 259 of 1000.

Hi Leestrayer,

I’ve moved this to its own thread as it was attached to a filed bug report, and this seems a different issue.

You should be able to change your targets by going to Project > Project Targets. There you can click into the number fields to adjust them how you wish and have access to the Options via the button on the bottom right.

As for your resetting issue, next time you encounter it please post a screenshot (if you can) or a listing (if you can’t) of the options located above. That may help us pinpoint the problem and see what isn’t working correctly.