Session word count problem

In Scrivener 1.7.2, when I highlight and copy and paste text, the session word count jumps by over 500, even if I’ve only copied and pasted a few words. This only seems to happen with one pretty large project, which has been through many versions of Scrivener. I can’t reproduce it with a smaller project.
Has anyone else encountered anything like this?


Scrivener 1.7.2, Windows 7 Home Premium

Hi Steve, we have had similar reports of this with older projects and are investigating the issue. When you tried smaller projects, were they newly created projects or were they also from older versions?

I tried a couple of projects that had been created with earlier versions of Scrivener and could not reproduced the session word count bug. I tried adding a comment, as a test, but that did not cause the problem to appear. Did lots of cutting and pasting, that did not cause the problem.
Opened the big, old project that has displayed the problem. Selected a document, hit a carriage return, checked session word count: 29. Reset session word count to 0. Pasted in something from the clipboard, which I knew was 50 words. Checked session word count: 569
Closed the project, reopened it. Checked session word count, 0. Hit a carriage return, still 0. Pasted the 50 words, session word count went to 622.
Seems to have neither rhyme nor reason!