Session word-count when editing.


Not a fault, and not a major issue, but here goes anyway…

Sometimes when I edit a document (scene), I follow this workflow so I can see a “before” and “after” view:

  • Switch to dual pane editing
  • Create a new document in the right pane
  • Copy and paste the text I want from the left pane into the right pane (This increases the session WC)
  • When I’m done I delete the left pane document (This doesn’t decrease the session WC)

So what I’m left with is less text than I started, but my session WC has gone up, by the length of whatever I’ve pasted in.

I fully understand the reasons for this, and it’s because of the built in behaviour which is there for good reasons. So…

  1. Is there a workflow you can suggest that means my session WC doesn’t increase from these copy and paste actions.


  1. Is there a way to reduce my session WC when I delete a document?

My answer to #2 is to delete the text from the document before I delete it, but then I lose the undo-ability of the trash.

Simplest solution: It sounds like you are trying to replicate the Snapshot feature with what you are doing. Why not just take a snapshot with Cmd-5, and then edit away? The old copy will still be there, and you can use the Show Snapshots window to leave it up beside the work in progress while you edit.

This workflow will be better very soon. In 2.0 you’ll be able to drag a snapshot to the header bar of a split, opening it up like a regular document (though in read-only mode of course).

I guess I prefer my workflow because it’s really quick to use, but now I’ve got NoMo 2.0 installed I’ll try the snapshots again.