Set and save quotation layout

One last dense question (I hope). Once I’ve set I set the ruler to indent both sides for a quote, how do I save this as a format, and call it up whenever I need it again in a normal document?


Ensuring that the cursor is inside the paragraph with the style you want to save, just click on “Styles…” in the ruler, then select “Other…”. Then click on the “Add to Favourites” button and enter a name for the style when prompted (e.g. “Indented Quotation” or whatever). Also check the boxes whether you want to include the font or ruler as part of the style. You definitely want to check the “Include the ruler as part of the style” box, as the ruler is what holds the indentation information; whether you want the style to store the font too is up to you. Click on the “Add” button when you’ve done that.

Once you’ve done that, the style you saved will be available in the Styles… drop-down list in the ruler, so to apply it all you need to do is click into a paragraph and select it from the list.

One thing to note is that if you are using formatting in this way in Scrivener, when you come to use “Compile Draft” to get your work out, you will want to ensure that you don’t override the text formatting (in the “Formatting” panel of Compile Draft, as that will change the exported text to a single, flat format (you can still choose to change only the font if you want, though).

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Great. Thank you.