'Set As Defaults'


The new version of Scapple is a real improvement and makes it much easier to format things.

How do you change the default Note Styles in the new version? I have added lots of the note styles that I use most often to the Note Styles list in the Inspector, but these only appear in the current project. I would like my added note styles to be the default for all new projects that I create.

At the bottom of the Inspector is a ‘Set As Defaults’ button, which I thought would do this, but it only seems to affect the settings that are in the ‘Document Settings’ section. It would be great if the ‘Set As Defaults’ button could set EVERYTHING in the current Inspector as the defaults. Is there any way of doing this, other than creating a blank project and saving it as a template?


To answer my own question, in case any one else had the same query. After playing around with the settings, it looks like you can achieve this by doing FILE - OPTIONS - GENERAL - then clicking the ‘Set From Current Documents’ button!


That is what I found out to. Would be great if had tool tip pop
Up over default said set in option