Set Compile to not indent first paragraph of document only?

Hi -

Apologies if this has already been answered - I searched and found some related topics but nothing conclusive.

I’m compiling my project (novel) to a Word doc (ready for tweaking, publishing to PDF, and uploading to CreateSpace). So my novel looks like normal paperbacks, I want to set the first paragraph of every scene to not have a left indent, but keep the indent for all other paras.

Is this possible in Scrivener for Windows, or is it a feature that hasn’t made it over from the Mac version yet? (It’s not in the Differences sticky post in this forum).


Ah - looks like the answer’s no:

Only solution seems to be change it in Word after i.e. create a new style based on the Normal template, but without the first line indent, then go through and apply that style to the first paras of my 120-odd scenes. A bit tedious, but oh well.

Looking forward to this being an option in Scrivener!

…except updating the style strips out bold and italics.

Sigh. Not great.