Set Default Font For Editor

I hate to ask such a dumb question, but I’ve looked at the preferences options about 30 times, the manual and also search–and I cannot find how to change the default font for the Editor.
I can see where all the other sections (such as notes and binder) can be reformatted–but the “editor” font reset seems to have vanished from my particular scrivener preferences box.
Thank you for feedback.


This drives me absolutely crazy.

I don’t even want to format my text for publication. I just want to be able to write in a typeface that is easy on my eyes, readable, comfortable. And I don’t want to have to set the font settings for every new chapter and every new scene. Trying to set my whole document to be in the same typeface I’ve already lost all my italicizations and can’t undo. (yes, I’ll look for my automatic backups)

I read in a different thread that this is a “not yet” feature, and I find that absolutely boggling. How on earth is it that Scrivener can be set up to select fonts for all sorts of things in the compile but we don’t have any option to just set it and forget it?

I do NOT want to fiddle with fonts. I want to be able to set the default font once and be done with it. Preferences -> Formatting -> Main Text Style does it for new documents, but being already deep into a project it’s simply not possible. For all the ways that Scrivener gets out of my way and lets me write, this one way that Scrivener goes out of its way to make my life more difficult is simply maddening.

Sorry to be venting. This is a truly awesome piece of software. I’m only angry because in so many other areas Scrivener excels at allowing me to smoothly just keep going. And then I want to start a new chapter or a new scene and I have to do the fiddly ritual of typing a few words and selecting them and setting the typeface and making sure that I don’t have a space or a carriage return at the end of the line that will cause me to start in the old default. You barely notice speed bumps in a residential neighborhood, but the same speed bumps would be hellish on the Autobahn.

I don’t understand.

Preferences > formatting > main text style does this for any newly created document. Why would it not work for you if you are creating a new chapter or scene? Maybe also have a look to see if you have project specific setting applied, as these will override the general preferences. They are in project > text preferences, you want the top checkbox unchecked (or use that box to set your formatting, if you like).

As for changing everything to a different font, selecting all and changing the font doesn’t affect italics or any other formatting. However if you apply a preset then it will change everything to what that preset specifies.

Preferences > formatting > main text has Consolas set as the font. My entire manuscript is set in Consolas, and any new file defaults to Consolas. But I started the document I’m working on before I set Preferences > formatting > main text to Consolas. If I create a new scene and start typing, it starts in Source Code Pro.

Project > text preferences does seem to have done the trick. You may well have eliminated the single point of stress I’ve been ascribing to Scrivener. Thank you!

I really ought to search again and find that other thread…

Preferences–formatting–main text style does not show how to change a font in the Editor. There is no way to do it that I can see/read.
However, going under Project and text preferences will change the default font for the project to whatever we pre set up in the editor.
So I guess, I’ve got what I need. Thank you.


I am also not sure what the problem is but I guess if you have found a solution to it, you should now create a template with your preferred settings, call it ‘My Template’ or something like that, and from now on select that template whenever you start a new project :smiley:

You say you start a new “scene”. Have you based the project on one of the script (Movie, stage-play …) templates, as that might impact the font used? I’ve never used any of the script formats, so I’m just guessing.