Set Default Font for Editor

I apologize for another newbie question, I have searched the documentation for this, and looked through the Tools/Options dialog panes.

When I create a new text document and start writing in it, the font defaults to Courier. I’d like it to use Times New Roman. How do I change that?



Go to Tools --> Options
Click on editor in the left pane
Set default formatting.

I can’t remember if this is global or per-project.

Section B5 Editor
Page 260 of… … win-a4.pdf

Sorry, didn’t notice you were on Windows.

It’s global. It’s discussed on pp. 275-276 of the Windows manual. Note the advisory there that these settings affect only new documents; to reset existing documents to changes made here, do Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

The formatting tool in the Editor section of Options (at the top under Default Main Text Attributes in the Windows program) takes a moment to get used to. Basically, changes made on the toolbar here will change defaults for new documents, and will be reflected in the sample text in the box. To change the default font, click on the blue A at the left end of the toolbar; to change default indentation, drag the markers on the ruler line; and so on. The 1.0x is to change line spacing, and also indentation if you click More…

Perfect, thanks.