Set Default

I’ve been all over, it’s probably right there, but I’m not finding it. Just trying to set the basics for getting started.

How do I set the default text format? i.e. double spaced, new times roman 12, first indent after paragraph, no space between paragraph, etc for every new novel project? I’ve figured out how to do that individually, by scene, but that’s irritating.

Also, little thing here, I found how to customize the edit bar. In Word I keep it simple: select all, undo, redo, save, and save as. I can’t find the select all button…does scrivener not have one for the edit bar?

Get past this and I can fiddle with the rest of it np.

Hello white,
To set defaults text format go to options/Editor and then use the graphical representation shown. It is labelled as default main text attributes.
As for select all, I don’t think it can be placed on the edit bar. For ease of use Scrivener makes extensive use of hot keys and select all is just Ctrl and A. It is also available in the Editor drop down menu. Hot keys are fully customisable.